About Quilt Designer

Mix & Match with the Quilt Designer

You can use the Mix & Match system of our Quilt Designer to see if fabrics match together.

How does it work?

If you click on Quilt Designer on the homepage, you come to see the screen with all fabrics. On the right you see a square with above mentioned "Quilt Designer".
Click with your left mouse button on the fabric you want to select. Keep the left mouse button pressed en drag this fabric to the square of the Quilt Designer.



Before you can enter a fabric in the Quilt Designer, you need to select a quantity of this fabric (e.g. 25cm). This quantity can be adjusted later, although it is easier if you choose the right amount at first. If you wish to adjust the size of your fabric, you can select the fabric again in the Quilt Designer with the right quantity. Then delete the previous selection of this fabric.

You can add as many fabrics as you like to the Quilt Designer.

Once you have entered enough fabrics to the Quilt Designer, you can click on the word Quilt Designer. You then enter a new screen where you can see all your chosen fabrics. Here again you can drag the fabrics swatches next to eachother by pressing your left mouse button. If you want to delete a fabric, you can press on "delete". It may take a little bit of time before this fabric is no longer visible. 



We hope you enjoy mixing and matching with the Quilt Designer!

Click here on Quilt Designer and you can start right away.