How to get organized

How to get organized

Every creative person dreams of having an organised room to work in. It is hard to get started in a room that is messy and unorganized. It is much more fun to work in a tidy room!

We would like to give you some tips and advice on how to get organized and how to set up your room practically. A few items are essential for quilters: a cutting area, a sewing area, a place for pressing and very important: storage of materials.


If you have a large space, use a corner desk and long tables that can serve as cutting and sewing space. Make sure to use the wall space to store magazines, patterns, and other supplies.

A rolling cart can provide a sturdy work space. Add a piece of durable plywood to restaurant-style metal shelving to make a portable cutting station.

For inconspicuous storage, hang a piece of pegboard on the inside of a closet door to organize your craft supplies. Add a bar to store ribbon and small baskets to hold rulers, scissors, and marking tools.

Label and stack boxes of notions you rarely use on top shelves, keeping items that you use often at arm’s reach.


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