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Quilt articles in the spotlight


Notions I can’t work without

Customers ask me regularly about notions that are available in U.S. If they look handy to me, I order a few pieces extra to find out how they work.
A lot of articles I have tried myself and I really like them!

Magic Genies

For example there are the “Little Magic Bobbin Genies” a small teflon ring (or circle) that fits into the bobbin-case of your sewing machine. It prevents the bobbin thread from tangling on the backside of your work. In our webshop there is a YouTube button to watch the instructions.


Two types

After several trials of freemotion quilting with metallic thread I was tired to get metallic birdnests on the back of my quilt. My last hope was the Magic Bobbin Genie. I was pleasantly surprised! No more birdnests of threads on the back of my quilt. For me a reason to really advice to use this product if you start to freemotion quilt.
Please note there are two types, the blue version for a fixed bobbin case (you place the bobbin horizontal in the machine) or the green version for a loose (metallic) bobbin case. You place the small ring in the bobbin case first and then place your bobbin on top of it.


Supreme Slider

Another article I can’t work without is my Supreme Slider. A teflon sheet to put on your sewing machine when you start freemotion quilting. It seems exaggerating to purchase this item as the price is pretty high but at the moment you start using this slider, you cannot quilt without anymore. For me an article that is absolutely worth the purchase. The Supreme Slider makes the quilt slide easily under the machine. No more pulling and neck pain as the quilt easily slides because of the smooth surface. It is easy to keep clean by rinsing it with cold water. An absolute must-have!


Goddess Sheet

When I was at Quilt Festival in Houston I joined a workshop where they used a ‘Goddess Sheet‘.  This is a teflon sheet that can be used for fusible materials e.g. Bondaweb, Fusible Hobbs etc. The big advantage of the Goddess sheet is that nothing sticks to the sheet. You can prepare a complete fusible appliqué on the Goddess sheet before you iron it onto a background.
Of course I purchased myself a Goddess Sheet and never regretted it!


Angelina Sheet

For smaller surfaces you can use the Angelina Sheet this is the same material only smaller. The advantage of using a teflon sheet is that it never gets too hot or burns when you leave a hot iron on it (too long).


Applique Pressing Sheet

And then there is the Applique Pressingsheet. This is very handy for making appliqués. You place the pattern under the sheet as guideline to make a complete applique (with Vliesofix) you can use the complete appliqué at once to work with.

These articles are all one by one very important for me on my list of quilting supplies.

On our website you can click on the YouTube button for further instructions of most items mentioned above.