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It is no longer possible to order from this website.

The Millefiore Quilt Along


Katja Marek came up with the idea of making a Block of the Month quilt: The Millefiore Quilt Along. Every month there is a new package of Rosettes, each Rosette will be a part of the total quilt. In total there are 13 Rosettes. In the US the project has started 1st of January (Rosette 1) and number 8 is the August Rosette.

You can order Rosettes from 1 to 8 now. The rest of the Rosettes will follow as soon as theay are available.


What is Millefiore!

Millefiore or Millefiori is a glass mosaic technique with beautiful patterns of glass. It is made by mixing several different colours of glass that are cut in pieces and made into new mozaics. Most of the time you get kaleidoscopic designs. Millefiore is a combination of the Italian word "mille" ) thousand and "fiore" (flower) or "fiori" (flowers.

Katja Marek wrote the book the New Hexagon with 52 different patterns for the English paper piecing method. She came up with the idea to make a Millefiore quilt where she could use the blocks from her book. 
The identical parts in the split up hexagons in the center of a Rosette become a glass mozaic from fabrics.

For making the different rosettes the instructions are written on Katja Mareks website ( Here you can download the instructions for making them. Besides the rosettes you will need to purchase the book "the New Hexagon" here you find the hexagon patterns that she has used for making the Millefiore quilt.