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Vliesofix and Steam A Seam


I very often get the question what the difference is between Vliesofix or Steam A Seam.

Vliesofix is the same as Bondaweb, it is made by the brand Vlieseline. It comes on a roll of 45cm width and we sell it by the meter. Steam A Seam is made by the brand The Warm Company. It is available in 2 thicknesses, the common ‘Steam A Seam Lite’ and the stronger type  ‘Steam A Seam 2’. Both variations are available in different widths. They also come in sheets that can be used in a printer.


Vliesofix has paper on one side and a fusible web on the other side. You draw the pattern on the paper side of the Vliesofix, cut it out roughly and iron the Vliesofix on the wrong side of the fabric. Then you cut out the pattern exactly on the drawn line. When you peel off the paper, the appliqué doesn’t stick yet. Only when you iron it on a background (fabric), it is fixed on the background.
Advantage of Vliesofix; the layer of glue is very thin and easy to stitch. Disadvantage; all appliqués remain loose on the background until they are fixed by ironing.

Steam A Seam

Steam A Seam has two paper sides with a fusible web in between these two layers. You draw the pattern on one paper side (the side with the marks). Cut out the pattern roughly and peel off the plain paper side of the Steam A Seam. Iron the Steam A Seam on the wrong side of the fabric and cut out the pattern exact on the drawn line. When you peel off the paper the appliqué will already stick on the background. Once you iron it on, it is finally fixed.
Advantage; you can stick the appliqué in place, walk to the iron and than fix it.
Disadvantage; the layer of glue is thicker than from the Vliesofix, it is best to use a anti-glue needle when you stitch because the glue can stick onto your needle.