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Sochi Quilt

Memories of a Sochi Quilt 64” X 78”

Supplies:  Scraps, Scraps and more Scraps! AND 1 1/2 Yards White

Cutting:  From Red, Red-Orange, Orange, Yellow-Orange, Yellow, Yellow-

Green, Green, Blue-Green, Blue, Blue Violet, Violet, Red-Violet…

A minimum of: 84 –100 or so 4 3/4” squares


And a minimum of 18-24 or so 7 1/4” squares

Cut on both diagonals to make 72-96 Quarter Square Triangles

THAT IS, 1-2 EACH (Extra Squares/Triangles to be used to refine the rainbow

effect.  A design wall is recommended.)

Also 2 ea. WoF” X 6” Border pieces of:  Red,  Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,

Violet, Red-Violet for borders.

Sub cut for sides: 2 ea. 21 1/2” Green and Yellow Rectangles, 2 ea. 12 1/2” Blue and Orange Rectangles, AND for top and bottom: 2 ea. 18 1/2” Purple and Red Rectangles, 2 ea. 9 1/2” Orange and Blue Rectangles and 2 ea. 6” Purple and Orange squares 8 ea. 2 1/2″ X Width of Fabric strips for binding (Color as desired)

From White:  Cut or Construct:

2 ea. 6 1/2” X 61”

2 ea. 3 1/2” X 61”

2 ea.  3 1/2” X 55”


1. Pick out a few yellows, and your yellow-greens, greens, blue greens and some blues.  Stitch two yellow Quarter Squares (QS) together along short side (a).  Repeat for two blues.

2. Next stitch a yellow QS to a yellow-green square aligning the straight edge. Add another yellow-green square and finish off with a yellow-green QS. (b)  Repeat, using all blues.

3. In a similar manner, stitch a yellow-green QS to a yellow-green square.  Add another two yellow-green squares and finish off with a green QS. (c)   Make 8 rows like this, adding in more green, then some blue-green, then some blue patches, always keeping the color flowing from patch to patch.

4. Stitch all the rows together in the order given to make a center panel to measure about 12 1/2” X 60 1/2”.

5. Repeat all above to make panels that move from blue to blue-violet to violet to red violet (Right Panel) AND from red to red-orange to orange to yellow orange. (Left Panel)

6. Add a 3 1/2” X 61” (trim to fit) white strip to the left side of Left Panel and a 6 1/2” X 61” (trim to fit)  white strip to the right side of the left panel.  Add a 6 1/2” X 61” (trim to fit) white strip to the left side of Right Panel and a 3 1/2” X 61” (trim to fit) white strip to the right side of the left panel.

7. Add the Left Panel Unit to the left side of the Center Panel and the Right Panel Unit to the right side of the Center Panel.  Add the 3 1/2” X 55” (trim to fit) white strip to the top and bottom. Quilt center to measure about 54 1/2 X 66 1/2”.

8. Assemble Border using diagram and 6” rectangles and squares.

9. Layer and quilt as desired.  Bind using 2 1/2” strips.