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You can visit our website but you cannot place an order.

From 1st June you can order in our webshop again.


Cookie statement
Quiltshop-online uses Javascript, cookies and webpixels to ease browsing on the internet. Because it is important to know what will be stored on your computer, we have written this cookie statement. From these three, cookies are the only items that will be stored on your computer.

Cookies are small text items that will be stored during your visit on our website. By storing these cookies the website will work better. Besides that the information from these cookies help to optimize the website.

Other techniques to make cookies work
A webpixel is a transparant pixel on a website. When this is uploaded, it is known how often and at what time the webpages are uploaded. This way it is possible to measure which webpages perform better than others.

Javascript is used to make the website interactive. Javascript ensures that the system can collect the necessary information.

Advantages to accept cookies
Javascript, the cookies and the webpixels work together to create ease of use. To accept this technique the internet experience on our website will be optimal. As a visitor this means the following:

-Advertisements will be adapted to previous browse behaviour and preferences
-Advertisements won’t be shown repeated continuesly
-The browsing over different internet pages will be faster
-All internet pages will be loaded correctly
-Products can be placed in your cart during shopping
-You will stay logged in once you have logged in

Cookies from third parties
External parties place cookies on our website. Which cookies and what they do with them you can read in our privacy statement and the cookie statement of this specific party.

Which cookies are used on our website?
There are different sorts of cookies. The following cookies are on our website:

  • Functional cookies
  • Analytic cookies
  • Advertising cookies
  • Social media cookies

Functional cookies
These cookies make the website functional. Functional cookies are placed regularly to make the website work properly. The functional cookies on our website are:
Quiltshop Online

Analytic cookies
Analytic cookies are use to collect user information from our website. Together with the parties that help us we can improve and optimize our website. The analytic cookies, on our website are:

Advertising cookies
These are cookies placed by us and external parties. We do place cookies on other webpages. The information from these cookies will be combined to make advertisements relevant. Users will receive only the most relevant advertisements and this advertisement will not be repeated to often. The advertising cookies on our website are:

Social media cookies
You can share articles from our website on Facebook. To make this possible Facebook will place a cookie. The social media cookies on are website are:


Unforseen cookies
Because some advertisements work with embedded cookies it is not always possible to check which cookies will be placed. Embedded elements are text parts, video’s of pictures that are placed on our website by external parties. If there is a cookies on our website that doesn’t belong to this cookie statement we like to know this. In that case we can track the external party and find out the use of this cookie and what it does.

Delete cookies of change cookie settings
If you wish to delete your cookies completely, or block certain website or change your cookie-settings you can change this in the adjustments of your webbrowser. This proces is different in each webbrowser. You can find the steps in the following links: